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Wargame AirLand Battle Gets Free DLC, Adds Conquest Mode


Real-time strategy game Wargame AirLand Battle, sequel to Wargame European Escalation, has been updated with its first free DLC titled “Vox Populi”. Players will receive an auto-update the next time they launch the game.

Vox Populi includes the return of Conquest mode, a popular feature from European Escalation, for both multiplayer and against the AI. Compatible with all existing map, victory here is determined by your ability to hold more territory than your opponent.

In addition, the new dynamic Campaign is now playable in co-op mode with a friend against the AI. In Skirmish mode you can now select the type and nationality of the equipment of any AI opponent.


Lastly, Eugen Systems have added 24 new units and 5 new maps (playable in Destruction and Conquest) as a welcome bonus.

Wargame AirLand Battle by Focus Home Interactive sees the Cold War turn hot between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. With a total of 12 nations, 750 vehicles and 150 planes available to choose from in up to 10v10 multiplayer battles, this is certainly one of the largest RTS titles in recent years.