Tales of Symphonia Chronicles has unlockable Xillia costumes

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It has been revealed that Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will have more than just bonus costumes from Tales of Vesperia, it will also have costumes from Tales of Xillia as well. While no images of the costumes have been revealed as of yet, Kratos will be given the Ludger outfit from Tales of Xillia 2 while Zelos can be dressed as Alvin and Presea will be given an Elize costume from the first Xillia title.

These costumes can be unlocked by playing through the game a second time or will be immediately unlocked if you have save files from either Tales of Xillia 1, the review of which you can read here, or Tales of Xillia 2 which has yet to be released in the West by Namco Bandai but is on its way.

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