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SMASH! 2013 – Gunpla Builders World Cup


Gunpla, a word combining the phrase “Gundam plastic model”, is recognised not only in Japan but overseas as well. Gunpla Builders World Cup events are held all throughout the world. Just like last year, SMASH! once again played host to the talented Gundam model builders of Australia, giving the rest of us some awesome works of art and dioramas to enjoy.

Right across from the Gundam HobbyCo Workshops stood a spectacular array of display cases and set pieces for the models that made it to the World Cup. Everything from the classic RX-78 to the Musha Gundam, and even some original creations, all were set up and looking fantastic. My favourite would have to be that Dom crushing his downed enemy!

First prize winners won return trips to the 2013 Gunpla World Cup Finals representing Australia along with trophies and product hampers from Bandai. Other winners received trophies and hampers as well.

The amount of work that goes into these things is hard to comprehend, so check them out for yourself below! Be sure to check out the official SMASH! site and the rest of our coverage of this year’s event.