Pikmin 3 Blooms out for the Wii U Today

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This is one of those articles where we remind you that a game came out. Usually, I would talk about the game, mention the features, and so on – but this is Pikmin 3, the long-awaited sequel that has had a ton of coverage thus far, and if you own a Wii U, it should be high on your priority list already.

Rock Pikmin, flying Pikmin, and new heroes are what this title is all about, polished up in one complete package that is sure to be a familiar yet satisfying entry in the franchise that Nintendo have been steadily promoting for over a year. You can pick up your copy today via any retailer or the eShop, and if you have yet to pick up a Wii U, the steady stream of titles behind this one are more than enough reason to splurge a bit.

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