Owarimonogatari Gets Fall Release

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NisiOisin‘s latest novel in the Monogatari series, the long awaited Owarimonogatari, is set to be released this fall according to the NisiOisin Anime Project’s Twitter account. This news comes just days after  the supposed release date slip-up by Sony regarding the Kizumonogatari movie, also set to release this fall.

Fans that can’t wait to dive into  the latest novel will be glad to know that the first story entitled “Ugi Formula” will be published on September 9th in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine. This particular story in the Monogatari series will detail the events of when the main character Koyomi Araragi meets  a strange new girl called Ugi Oshino.

After being teased by a tentative April release date and then a summer release date that never happened, fans will be relieved that this seems to finally be set in stone. The sequel to Owarimonogatari is still seemingly planned for next year, but whether Zokuowarimonogatari meets its planned release date better than its predecessor is yet to be seen.

An anime adaptation of Monogatari’s second season is currently being aired and news of any future Monogatari developments can be found in our anime news section.

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