Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs Puts a New Spin on Tower Defence

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The increasingly popular tower defence strategy genre seems to be unstoppable. From Dota 2 to the latest Sanctum 2, gamers are finding the simple yet tactical formula addictive. But you know what else the formula needs? Cats and dogs.

Enter Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs, an British made iOS game by the folks at Eutechnyx, with a bit of wackiness on the side. The age-old feud between the two house pets continues on the ancient battlefield. Check out these features along with the trailer and screenshots below:

  • 60 levels on an interactive map
  • Build/Defend/Attack gameplay
  • Full strategic control
  • Unique ability branches
  • Magic, Might, Martial
  • 35 skills to earn and 5 artifact skills to find
  • Multiple unit types alongside towers, traps, magic and interactive martial abilities
  • Levelling and XP system leading to feature unlocks
  • Free to play!

Available for the iPhone and iPad systems, you can grab it from the Australian App Store here or for Canadians here for free. A worldwide release is being planned soon.

For more info visit the official Facebook and Twitter (cats or dogs!) pages.

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