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Madoka Nails and Stockings Now Available


Here’s a little piece of anime merchandise just for the ladies. Online retail shop 2PM WORKS have released new merchandise based around the very popular Madoka Magica; these items include fake nails and tattoo stockings, allowing female fans to fully express their love for the anime.

Apart from the usual IPhone cases and mini figurines, seven sets of false nails and eight pairs of tattoo stockings are also available and each set has a specific theme related to the anime. Such themes include the soul gems, ultimate Madoka and enemy witches and their minions. Featured witches include the Elsa Maria, Oktavia and the candy witch Charlotte (before and after transformation).  Each set of nails cost 1,890 yen ($18.90USD) and the stockings will have you paying 3,780 yen ($37.80USD) for each pair.

Other products on the site include Madoka themed shoes; however the sale for them appears to have ended. Check out the full display of the merchandise by clicking here.