Indie Royale’s the Debut 4 Bundle

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Indie Royale does it again with the release of their Debut Bundle 4. This new bundle has a great amount of wonderful games which include Mind Blocks’ exciting sandbox adventure game Block Story; ASA’s first-person slideshow adventure game A Space Adventure; Lightmare Studio’s fast-paced sci-fi tower defense Beware Planet Earth; Rockin’ Android’s 2D action joyride, with beautiful graphics and a brilliant story, Diadra Empty; Chrysaor Studio’s comedic platform game with a mix of rhythm and events Bollywood Wannabe; and Key17 Games’ top down, zombie slaying, world saving shooter Undead Legions.

Indie Royale is a pay what you want bundle, with a fluctuating minimum price, if a buyer pays more than $10.00 the minimum price for purchase will be lowered for other buyers!


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