Incipio DualPro iPhone 5 Case Review

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Incipio DualPro iPhone 5 Case
Manufacturer: Incipio
Platform: iPhone 5
Price: $29.99 – Available Here

Incipio’s DualPro iPhone 5 Case is a plastic hard shell case with a silicone core. It is available in a large variety of colour combinations, from the plain black on black to the eye catching Cherry Blossom Pink on Charcoal Gray.

The release of the iPhone 5 has brought a change in Incipio’s packaging. Gone are the slightly dangerous clear plastic box in favour of a package design that is best described as a plastic sardine can. The edges in the new packaging are duller and allow easier access to the contents. A sticker is cut and the plastic cover can be removed like a pull tab tin can lid. The case is securely attached to the box which require a good bit of force to “pop” out. As a person who has been cut several times, including one unpleasant incident that drew blood, with previous packaging, I thoroughly approve of the new packaging.


Inside the package is the case and the usual Incipio pack-ins. Along with the case, the DualPro contains a cheap screen protector, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and an application card. The screen protector is the crystal clear type and works well considering it is a freebie.

The case itself is a two piece case. The bottom-most piece is a silicone sleeve that fits around the iPhone 5 and a rigid polycarbonate piece that Incipio calls “Plextonium” that fits over the sleeve. Installation is a simple affair. Simply slip the silicone piece over the phone, line up one of the long edges of the phone to the plastic piece, and snap the polycarbonate piece over the silicone. The silicone has indents and a small rectangular Incipio logo that will ensure the plastic cover sits correctly. The silicone is stiff enough that there is few problems with the plastic shell pinching the silicone against the phone. The core also has enough give that the fit is well balanced. The core will not look baggy like a teenager wearing his father’s suit to his first interview or too tight like an overstuffed sausage.


Removing the case is just as easy. Pulling on the edge of the plastic piece out and away from the phone will cause the plastic piece to pop off. It takes a reasonable amount of force to remove and is practically impossible to remove without intentional effort.

The silicone core provides drop protection for the phone. It is thick enough to survive drops that would result from every day use. The silicone layer in the corners are a little thin compared to the top and bottom edges. The plastic frame envelopes most of the case, leaving thicker silicone for the top, bottom, and a small portion of the side. This allows access for the Lightning port, speakers, headphone port, mute switch, and all of the buttons. The case is very friendly for those who like to rest their phone face down on tables. Not only is there a generous lip on the case, the silicone actually extends to the front of the phone. The coverage reaches the proximity sensor and the home button respectively. The screen will rest about a millimeter from the surface of the table when placed screen down.


The plastic frame is coated in a rubbery material. It provides a little extra grip in the hand but is still slick enough to slide into a pocket without snagging. The silicone is of high quality as it has maintained its shape and a reasonably slick surface that does collect pocket lint like cheaper quality materials.

Nice sized ridges are cut out in the silicone to represent the volume and sleep buttons. I found it extremely easy to manipulate the buttons by feel when my phone was in a pocket or a bag. The cut out for the mute switch is generous which allows even a thumb to flick the switch. The headphone port has a healthy sized cut out that will accept many different cable sizes. Because Incipio’s silicone material has some stretch to it, even the my thickest cables designed for home entertainment systems could just barely squeeze its way through the provided hole.  With that cable, the core did push the cable back out a little, but it was still able to make a clean connection. The largest headphone cable should have no problem with the Incipio DualPro case.


The camera hole is a large and generous sized cut out in the back of the case. My test unit is a neon yellow silicone core with a gray plastic frame which initially made me worry that it would potentially lead to problems with the flash. However, the silicone hole is cut larger than the plastic frame’s hole and ringed with a matte black plastic which results in no problems with case related flash glare.

In terms of thickness, the Incipio DualPro is an average sized case. The case is pretty light at 1.1 ounces which is a very usable weight for every day purposes. It adds 5.1mm of depth to the iPhone 5. In hand, it felt about as thick as an iPhone 4 with a slim case. Although it may not fit in the front pocket of your favourite tight skinny jeans, it will fit in the front pocket of most pants. The rubbery matte finish on the plastic shell is a pleasure to hold. It feels silky soft without being slippery. It is actually a bit addictive to touch.


The Incipio DualPro iPhone 5 case is an excellent general purpose case. The case is available in a plethora of colour options that will suit everyone’s fashion style. Priced at $29.99, the DualPro is definitely on the higher price range. However, the quality of materials is high. The silicone core performs well with none of the problems associated with cheaper materials, like the inability to hold its shape, excessive stretching, and stickiness. Plus, Incipio throws in a screen protector to provide all round protection for the device. The case feels great in the hands and can withstand a few mild bumps and drops. The DualPro is highly recommended for any iPhone 5 owner needing a little extra protection.

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