Turn-Based MechWarrior Title Detailed In Developer Diary

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Infinite Game Publishing announced MechWarrior Tactics last year, an online, browser-based adaptation of the classic BattleTech tabletop card game, and a trailer with screenshots was released earlier this month.

The newest video for the free-to-play game, titled Game Pillars, goes behind the scenes showcasing new gameplay, UI updates, improved graphics and more. Currently in closed beta, an open beta is planned for later this year with Founder’s Packs guaranteeing instant access and exclusive perks.

“We have an incredible core fan base that’s been with MechWarrior Tactics since early Alpha. These fans have helped us shape the game into a true-to-history BattleTech experience,” said Kelly Zmak, long-time BattleTech fan and president of Infinite Game Publishing.

MechWarrior Tactics blends turn-based strategy and tactical gameplay, offering deep collectability and unique online features as you command numerous ’Mechs against online opponents.

For those curious, you can sign up on the site now and become a founder.

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