Splinter Cell Blacklist Gets Liquid Natural Gas Plant Demo

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In the latest Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer, Ubisoft are showing off six whole minutes (that’s 360 seconds, folks!) of stealth gameplay footage. A global terrorist unit known as “The Engineers” are attacking a liquid natural gas plant set on the coast of Louisiana.

The Engineers have disabled the facility’s cooling mechanisms. They then wrecked a tanker into the facility, turning it into an inferno. Agent Sam Fisher has to maneuver his way through the burning facility, climbing over rails or anything else in his way, to reach the center of the facility and turn the fire containment systems back on. He’ll encounter a few baddies along the way as well.

You can check out the latest trailer of Splinter Cell Blacklist in the video player below this article. Be sure to check out their official website here as well.

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