SHAFT to Animate Nisekoi Romantic Comedy Anime

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Fans of the massively successful Shōnen Jump manga Nisekoi let out a cry of happiness today as the infamous studio SHAFT stepped forward with news that they would be animating its recently announced anime adaption. SHAFT is renowned for its quirky storytelling techniques and distinctive abstract art style made famous by the monumentally successful series Bakemonogatari and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The anime adaption will be directed by Bakemonogatari’s director Akiyuki Shinbo, and upon hearing the news the creator of Nisekoi, Naoshi Komi said that he jumped for joy, and who could blame him?


Nisekoi tells the story of the son of a yakuza gang leader called Raku Ichijou and the daughter of a rival gang, Chitoge Kirisaki. To settle a disagreement between the two gangs, it is decided that the two rival gang leader’s children will be paired together. Unfortunately, Raku has already been kneed in the face once by Chitoge by the time this has been decided. The two had grown to dislike each other while searching for a locket that Raku was given by his childhood sweetheart. However, to keep peace they are forced to put on a façade that they are in love, which proves to be a huge challenge due to multiple keys to his locket existing and Raku having a crush on another girl.

There has yet to be a date confirmed for the release of this sure-hit anime, but when there is you can be sure you will hear about it and much more exciting anime news here on Capsule Computers.

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