Rome II’s Latest Rally Point Shows Off Suebi Campaign

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SEGA and developer Creative Assembly have outed Rally Point Episode 15, titled Suebi Campaign Spoilers & Rome Event which is viewable below.

Rally Point is a behind the scenes look at Total War: Rome II’s development process, with the latest episode revealing a pretty in-depth look at the frosty starting area of the Suebi faction. For those who aren’t history buffs, the Suebi were a Germanic people during the Roman times who later formed the Kingdom of the Suebi following Rome’s collapse.

Judging by the preliminary footage, the UI looks a lot neater than in Shogun 2. Less clutter and a cleaner look makes it seem that much nicer to work with. Aside from the game we also see some outdoor adventures, involving a guy with a pony tail and his vase. We’ll leave that with you to figure out.

Creative Assembly has recently started a new Let’s Play video series in the lead-up to the strategy game’s release on September 3 this year for the PC.

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