New BEYBLADE: Evolution Trailer Spins Out

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Spinning it out at the speed of sound

Rising Star Games has released the latest trailer for the upcoming BEYBLADE: Evolution game. The game is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and will be available in two versions: the standalone Solus edition and a special Collector’s Edition, which will include an exclusive, six-piece Wing Pegasus 90WF Beyblade, previously unavailable outside of Japan.

The game will allow players to collect, customise and compete with their very own Beyblade throughout a story mode directly related to both the toy and the anime. Players are also able to unlock the next generation Samurai Ifrit w145CF Beyblade to add to their ever growing Beypedia. The game utilises the 3DS’ gyro and AR functions to create a unique gaming experience and grant players precise control over their Beyblade.

BEYBLADE: Evolution is slated for an October release. For more information, visit the official sites and check out the trailer below to get ready for some good ‘ol fashioned Beybattles. Let it rip!

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