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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trailer Released


Here we have the next FIFA 14 Trailer which is labelled as the “FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trailer”, basically within the trailer you’ll see Marcel Kuhn, who is the producer or the game, talk about the new and different aspects of the game like item layout and chemistry style which is the way players react with each other, it also determines how a player actually plays and it is also there to help you customise and determine your favourite style of play by giving certain players different attributes to, in end, help out the entire team. Mr Kuhn says in the video that a fair few of the things that have been changed in the game are based on what the playing community had to say about it, he mentions that the team listens to the community and makes changes based on that in an attempt to please almost every player.

The full FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trailer is located in our Featured Video Section below so go ahead and watch, also don’t forget to head down just below that to our comments section and drop us a line, tell us what you think. Gear up, sports fans!