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Runaway: A Road Adventure Hits iOS

A basic overlay/overview

10 years after its original PC release, Bulkypix, in co-operation with Numeric Pipeline, is bringing Pendulo Studios classic Runaway: A Road Adventure to iOS. The game itself is the first in the Runaway series of games and features near 100 scenes and more than 30 characters with which to explore the beginning of this cult series.

New York, 2000…
Brilliant science student Brian is getting ready to join the prestigious UC Berkeley, but his life is turned upside-down when he gets caught up in some business involving a stolen crucifix and the mafia. During his desperate escape with Gina, an irresistibly charming nightclub dancer, Brian encounters a cast of colorful characters bent on making their lives a living hell. In a world of thick-headed thugs, desert-stranded drag queens, hippie hipsters and Hopi Indians, it’ll take the utmost cleverness to escape a slew of extraordinary situations and foil numerous traps. Caught up in a chaotic story where murder, money, ambition, Santeria rites and treason are business as usual, Brian’s ultimate goal is to unravel the mystery surrounding the stolen crucifix, which everyone and their grandmother seems desperate to get their hands on!

Runaway: A Road Adventure is available now on iTunes, for more information visit the official Bulkypix site. Check out the trailer below and begin the road adventure.