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Laike’s PC Download Deals 6/28/2013

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This week’s deal of the week goes to Amazon’s Borderlands Bundleganza. Gamers can snag Borderlands Game of the Year Edition, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands 2 Season pass for 78% off. Just in time for the release of the new Borderlands 2 DLC. This insane savings is worth it even if you own Borderlands Game of the Year Edition. Be sure to check out our review of Borderlands 2 if you actually need any more convincing!


Amazon is currently running an offer that will provide a free copy of Astroloco: Worst Contact, Major Mayhem, and Cell HD: Emergence for those who make a purchase from their new Indie Store. This deal includes Amazon’s $9.99 bundles.

  • Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Pack @ 50% off [Windows – Steam]
  • Borderlands 2 Psycho Pack @ 50% off [Windows – Steam]
    • This is the cheapest price the Psycho Pack has been to date. In fact, short of a coupon, this may be the first time it has actually been on sale. Unless you are waiting for a 75% off, buy it now.
  • Hidden Gems Pack @ $9.99 [Windows – Steam/DRM-Free]
    • This pack contains Astroloco: Worst Contact, Doom and Destiny, Salvation Prophecy: A Military Space Epic, Sol Survivor, and Symphony
  • Digital Tribe Treasure Trove @ $9.99 [Windows – Steam/DRM-Free]
    • This pack contains Dream Pinball 3D, Hotel Giant 2, Insecticide, Legendary, Raven Squad, Roogoo, Section 8, Trine, Two Worlds Epic Edition, and Velvet Assassin. This is possibly the best bundle from Amazon this week.
  • Across the Pond Pack @ $9.99 [Windows – Steam/DRM-Free]
    • For those who love Japanese games, this bundle contains Acceleration of SUGURI-X Edition, cloudphobia, Flying Red Barrel, GundeadliGne, and QLIONE


GMG is running a 25% off sale that will knock the price of some of the biggest pre-order titles and recently released games with the coupon GMG25-BAWQB-8UQWG. Some of these games are already discounted.



  • Endless Space @ 66% off [Mac/Windows – Steam] Review Here
    • Buy it with the Disharmony DLC and get it all for 50% off. Disharmony is NOT on sale on its own.
  • StarDrive @ 50% off Daily Deal [Windows – Steam]
  • Natural Selection 2 @ 66% off [Windows – Steam]
    • The full retail game of the classic Half Life mod. A wonderful community and a fantastic game fusing FPS and strategy. A great alternative if you were disappointed by Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare @ 66% Off [Windows – Steam]
    • Another full retail game of a classic mod. I personally feel this is one of the best melee combat games out there.
  • Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten @ 67% off [Linux/Mac/Windows – Steam]
  • Space Pirates and Zombies @ 80% off Free Weekend [Linux/Mac/Windows – Steam]
  • Jack Keane @ 75% off [Windows – Steam]
  • Spirits @ 75% off [Linux/Mac/Windows – Steam]
  • Worms Reloaded @ 66% off [Mac/Windows – Steam]
  • Syberia Bundle @ 75% off [Windows – Steam]
    • The games are also available separately, buying them together is slightly cheaper.
  • Joe Danger + Joe Danger 2: The Movie @ 40% off [Windows – Steam]
  • 4 Elements @ 70% off [Windows – Steam]
  • The Ankh Pack @ 75% off [Windows – Steam]
    • If you want to save a penny, buy the games separately. Seriously.
  • Galaxy on Fire 2 HD @ 50% off [Windows – Steam]
  • Turba @ 60% off [Windows – Steam]
    • I’m actually fond of this title. You can add your own music to the game, which scores the game based on making moves to the rhythm of the music.



Get an additional 20% off with the coupon GFDJUN20.




Jamie Laike Tsui
Jamie Laike Tsui
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