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Saints Row IV Box Art Reveal and Video Series

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Saints Row, as a franchise, has matured a lot to gain its own identity. Ironically, they did this by becoming so immature that the game stood out from other GTA clones. When the game was announced fans were ecstatic that the crazy levels were being bumped up yet another notch. The drip feed of info after the first reveal has been consistently freakish. Today Deep Silver brings us another lump of insanity.

The new box art is restrained by the Saints’ standards. It’s still pretty epic and that’s all that counts. Even better, a new video has been released that shows how the telekinesis power is going to work. This video (which you can watch below) is the first in the Hail to the Chief series. Hail to the Chief will show excerpts from the game in order to display the weirdest of what is possible in Saints Row IV. If this first video is anything to go by, Saints Row IV is going to being one freaking weird game.