Saints Row 4 Announced Superpowers and Aliens Included

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Good news for Saints Row fans, a sequel to its over-the-top giant dildo baseball bat swinging antics has officially been announced. Which will come to a relief to fans, after THQ’s Bankruptcy left the series future in doubt. Luckily however, publisher Deep Silver (of Dead Island fame) picked up the series after THQ assists were auctioned off.


Saints Row 4 is set to take its trademark over to top gameplay to the next level – no seriously. After getting elected as President of the United States, head honcho the Saints, aka you the player, must fight of an alien invasion, wait what? But wait there’s more….with new found superpowers…in an alternate bizarro-Steelport dimension. This sounds absolutely ridiculous and at the same time completely awesome!

Saints Row 4 is set to be released on current-gen consoles and PC on August 20 and worldwide on August 23.

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