Neverwinter – Whispering Caverns Trailer and Screens



Dungeon & Dragons Neverwinter fans should be getting their fill of the game as the beta just opened April 30th. Those bloodthirsty to finish the active running storyline should be excited to hear about the highest zone in Neverwinter thus far. The Whispering Caverns are home to the darkest denizens of Faerûn – literally. The drow flourish in the ever prevailing darkness in the Underdark alongside their estranged beneficiaries, the mindflayers (illithids). Known well for their octopus looking maws, these devilish creatures can infiltrate your mind and make you their personal puppet. The dwarf in me says to be headstrong and barrel right into these wishy-washy flesh eaters!

And yet a more evils like beholders await in the unknown territories of the Underdark. Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment even hint at the potential of finding a pathway to the famous primordial forge of the long-lost Gauntlgrym. Take a look at the collection of screenshots below and then feast upon the trailer. But don’t be going octopus on me!

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