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Namco Reveals Shonen Jump Theme Park


Namco have issued out a press release officially announcing the opening date and attractions for the new indoor Shonen Jump Magazine theme park.

J-World Tokyo, located in the Sunshine City World Import Mart, will be open to the public on July the 11th and will have attraction based around popular Jump titles including Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z.

Fans of Jump will be able to experience One Piece through an adventure themed ride with giant projection screens and cars that based around the “Mini Merry” and “Shark Submerged” boats. A walk through maze lets you play the part of a Ninja from Naruto, relying only on audio clips from jonin’s as you complete secret missions. The Dragon Ball Z attractions allow you to unleash your inner Saiyan with a 3-D projection of Goku as you both Kamehameha various enemies.

As well as attractions the theme park also contains a J-World Kitchen which aims to combine food and play. The food court still keeps to the theme of Shonen Jump by offering items such as Chopper Meatball Pasta, Ichiraku ramen from Naruto and a Majin Buu strawberry parfait.

Entry to the theme park is around 1300 yen for adults and 1000 for ages 4-18, with all attractions costing around 800 yen, Click here for the J-World Tokyo website created by Namco.