Mass Effect Costume Pack Touching Down on LittleBigPlanet

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An assortment of Mass Effect-themed costumes are being released on May 22 for Little Big Planet 2, Little Big Planet Karting and Little Big Planet PS Vita with cross-buy support. Meaning if you buy it for one game, it’s available for all the others.

For £4.79 on the PlayStation Network you get the following:

  • Commander Shepard N7 Helmet, Commander Shepard N7 Armour, Commander Shepard N7 Gauntlets, Commander Shepard Skin.
  • Liara Head, Liara Armour, Liara Gloves, Liara Skin.
  • Wrex Helmet, Wrex Armour, Wrex Gloves, Wrex Skin.
  • Garrus Head, Garrus Eye Piece, Garrus Chest Armour, Garrus Gloves, Garrus Chest Armour, Garrus Skin.
  • A selection of Mass Effect™ themed stickers.

Check out the latest additions to Little Big Planet’s wardrobe below. For more details check out Little Big Planet official website here.


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