Razer Honors Unauthorised 90% Coupon

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You don’t hear many ‘Good Guy Greg’ stories in the entertainment industry these days and even if you did this one would still stand out. Razer CEO Ming-Liang Tan has decided to honor an unauthorised 90% off coupon for thousands of UK purchases. With publishers these days getting greedier and greedier, it’s amazing to see a company to make such a kind gesture for the consumer.

Recently, an error occurred with Razer’s UK store that resulted in all orders placed to be 90% off. This was an unauthorised coupon that went viral and thousands of purchases were made. Legally, Razer has every right to cancel all of these orders as it would be a massive financial loss for the company but Razer CEO Ming-Liang Tan decided to honor the coupon with a few minor conditions. You can check out the screenshot below or see it yourself here.


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