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Nintendo have been on a roll with the 3DS as of late, but today have detailed some apps and games heading to all of their platforms via the eShop and WiiWare services. The likes of Rayman Legends, Injustice, and more will be coming to the Wii U, with Mega Man and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity coming to the 3DS. As for the WiiWare, prepare for some more Fatal Fury. Check out the full list down below and get ready as these titles are smashing on to the eShop soon.

  • Rayman® Legends Challenges App – Wii U, Nintendo eShop from 26/4/13 (Disc/Download)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us – Wii U, Nintendo eShop from 25/4/13 (Disc/Download)
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury – Wii, Wii Shop Channel from 26/4/13  (Virtual Console)
  • Pokémon™ Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Demo – Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo eShop from 26/4/13 (Demo)
  • LEGO® City Undercover: The Chase Begins – Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo eShop from 27/4/13 (Card/Download)
  • BIT.TRIP SAGA – Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo eShop from 26/4/13 (Card/Download)
  • Mega Man™ 4 – Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo eShop from 26/4/13 (Virtual Console)
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