Lobo flips off Batman in Injustice: Gods Among Us Gameplay Reveal

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“They don’t call me the main man for nothin’!”...Batman learned this the hard way in the gameplay reveal video for Lobo –  the first DLC character in Injustice: Gods Among Us. The video can be found at the bottom of this article.

Riding in on his “Space Hog” (a motorcycle, not an actual hog…although that would be hilarious!), Lobo aims to “liven up the joint”. His signature hook chain and sawed-off shotgun feature heavily in his fighting arsenal. The tobacco-smoking, intergalactic bounty hunter from Czarnia also has a mean Super Move that burns… Also of note in the clip is the fact that Batman has a new Flashpoint skin! We could not find any information on when/how this skin will become available, but you can download Lobo come May 7th.

Lobo is a part of the Injustice Season Pass, which nets you all 4 planned DLC characters for the price of 3 at 1200 MS Points, so although not confirmed, we can assume that individual pricing will stand at 400 MS points (maths genius over here!). Again, check out the kick-ass battle between ‘The Dark Knight’ and the ‘Main Man’ below!

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