Deep Silver Debuting Ride to Hell Universe with 3 Games this Year

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Deep Silver is still working on making their place in the video games world and this year in addition to the IPs they picked up from THQ they are introducing a brand new IP with the Ride to Hell universe. The new IP isn’t going to release with only one game this year however, but three.

The lead game, coming from developer Eutechnyx, will be Ride to Hell: Retribution, the story of biker Jake Conway as he seeks revenge on The Devil’s Hand biker gang. Players will be following Jake as he uses a variety of means to bring his personal brand of justice. Set for retail release in North America on June 25th, followed by everywhere else on June 28th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Ride to Hell: Route 666, from developer Black Forest Games, pits players as the head of a biker gang vying to take total control of famed Route 66. Leading all the way from Chicago to L.A., players have to use everything they’ve got to claim the full stretch when the game releases on June 27th for XBLA, PSN, and Steam.

Lastly, Ride to Hell: Beatdown will take the new IP to mobile devices in the form of a brawler. Though the information on this title is very limited at the moment, but as time goes on more will become available.

Players can check out the first trailer for Ride to Hell: Retribution and see what they can expect from Jake Conway by watching it embedded below.

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