The Adventures Of Rubberkid Is Complete!

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Over the years, gamers have rescued princesses, saved the world, and stopped horrible villains countless times, but how many times have gamers done something as simple as protecting someone who is being bullied?

A few months ago, I posted an article about a unique game on Kickstarter called The Adventures of RubberkidRubberkid is a Flash and PC game all about helping people get through the evils of bullying while learning about the terrible effects it can have.

I can now happily report that, not only was the game fully funded with the goal surpassed, but the game is now complete! You can either play the game straight out of your web browser or download it. Both ways to play the game are available on its official website here.

The game is full of upbeat music, bright colors, and lessons that everyone should learn. There are also other learning materials available to go in tandem with the game.

We’ve all had to deal with bullies at some point in our lives. Being able to educate people about something that can be so devastating while having fun in the process is what The Adventures of Rubberkid is all about. So head on over and check out the game, and make sure you follow them on Twitter!

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