Silhouette revealed of new Super Saiyan God for DBZ: Battle of Gods

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super_saiyan_silhouette_scan_01A new scan has come forth from Japan focusing on the new Super Saiyan God form that is set to be revealed in the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods film. The scan shows a silhouette of a Saiyan character with the traditional spiky hair and what seems to be a tail, a feature we have not seen in a Super Saiyan form since Super Saiyan 4 in Dragon Ball GT, which takes place many years after this movie. The latest trailer revealed that a Saiyan will turn into a Great Ape at some point in the film so perhaps that could be the trigger for this new transformation. It is very likely series protagonist Goku will be the one to acquire this new form.

While the Dragon Ball video games often give previously seen forms to different characters, this is the first time a completely new form has been revealed in the series canon since the shows end. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is set to release in theaters across Japan on March 30. Still no word on an International release.

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  1. It kind of looks like the silhouette of a normal Super Saiyan to me. Hopefully there’s some sort of difference in appearance whether it be a change on hair color, aura color or whatever.

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