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Rune Factory 4 coming to North America in English this Summer


XSEED Games has pulled off a nice little coup today as they have announced that they will be bringing Rune Factory 4 over to North American 3DS this Summer. Now while this isn’t the first time XSEED has published a Rune Factory game, the series has largely been published by Natsume until now.

Rune Factory 4 saw the highest sales in franchise history in Japan when it was released last year and features a number of improvements to past games. Rune Factory 4 allows players to choose a female or male character that falls from the sky and becomes the princess or prince of Selphia where they must try to manage the village within the game. While very similar to harvest moon in many regards, such as farming, cooking and crafting, it varies greatly by offering players monsters to fight and tame. In fact, you can even date and marry a few monster-human hybrids alongside basic human characters.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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