Diablo III to come to PS4 Fully Optimized

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Blizzard and Sony have announced a strategic partnership, seeing the gaming giant returning to the console market. Chris Metzen told the audience that Diablo III will be coming to the PS4 fully optimized for the new controller.

There is a huge leap from the complex menus and controls to a console platform but Chris Metzen ensured us that this port will be focused making Diablo III user interface more friendly than the PC version. In particular he highlighted the frustration some PC users indicated they had with customizing your character’s avatar.

Without going into detail Blizzard also announced that the game will be 4 player cooperative without the difficulties of a camera squeezing all characters in the one shot. How this will be achieved was not described in detail but they seemed to be pretty confident that one player could go to town without ruining game play for everyone else. Blizzard is using the tagline ‘One Couch to Rule Them All’ to describe this achievement.