Deep Silver Drops Tons of Details on Sacred Citadel

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The makers of Sacred Citadel, a side scrolling addition to the Sacred universe, have given a detailed explanation of what fans can expect in the game. The game’s publisher, Deep Silver, has given us a look at how they intend to merge the RPG elements of the core franchise into a side scrolling slasher.

A smooth ‘drop in/drop out’ multiplayer mechanic will allow up to 3 players to fight together, crushing throngs of enemies in a coordinated group. The playable characters are Khukuri Shaman, the Ancarian Ranger and the Safiri Warrior – alongside a fourth, as yet unannounced, character. Each class can be upgraded in line with their specific traits as they skill up.

It’s not just skills that you can enhance in Sacred Citadel. You can fully utilize the facilities in towns, meaning you’ll be able to purchase new attacks and refill both power and health. Custom weapon combinations flesh out the techniques you’ll have at hand to dice your way through the hoard.

They’ve done a lot to bring the RPG feel of both Sacred 1 and 2 to the side scrolling genre. In line with continuing universe building and the franchise’s overall structure this game will act as a prequel for Sacred 3; much like Sacred 2 did for the original.

No release date more narrow than ‘some time this year’ but it will be across pretty much every console platform bar Wii & Wii U.