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Chrono Tales Update: Servers Added


Thanks to popular demand, the ever growing Chrono Tales is adding not one but two new servers.  Developers Ray Media are putting together the two servers after the popularity of their previously released Open Beta and Server 1, and the thousands of active players demanded the expansion.  Based on feedback from the players one of the daily events within the game, Survival Island is one of the most popular.  This event consists of 13 floating islands that players can move about freely attacking and battling other players.  When the event opens players will be given a short time to prepare for coming onslaught.  Once the game starts there is a twist to the combat, as time progresses the islands are blocked off one by one until there is only one; making it impossible for players to avoid combat.

These events are not without out incentive as top players are awarded prizes with especially great gifts saved for the top 3 players in each round.  There is only one way to win, and that is survive as you lose the instant you’re killed by another player and your only options are to stay and watch the battle royale, or leave the game.  For interested fans, or those wondering what the fuss is about, information and screens can be found at http://ct.gamedp.com/index.

Jeffery Shull
Jeffery Shull
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