Rare staff soon to be Flippin Pixels in mobile market

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Flippin Pixels is a new studio that should gain some attention in the near future, with its five strong founding members all being veterans of Microsofts Rare studios with 20 years experience working on such ground breaking titles as Nintendo 64’s Golden Eye. In a recent interview with GamesIndustry International the team told how despite being from a console background they have a good understanding of the fast moving mobile market and feel that while they have a lot to learn they also have a lot to bring to the table. “We’ve only just recently been looking at how to monetise through games. The nature of the mobile market is so fast moving you can’t afford to stay on something for months. You need to get it out there while it’s still fresh. It’s a little bit like buying a lottery ticket but if you’ve got the quality there hopefully that rises to the top.”


The team acknowledges it is a reflection of their changing lifestyles and ideas that has driven them towards this shift in development, although im not so sure mobile gaming is less constraining on your time then console gaming, it just has the ability to travel by your side. Either way it will be sad to see another talented team lost to the mobile and tablet market but one can understand the creative and financial incentives behind such decisions. The guys at Rare have made some of the most popular games of all time, especially for older retro consoles, so we can only expect more innovative and creative experiences only this time for a much larger and broader audience on a much smaller device.

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