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Heart of the Swarm Opening Cinematic Released


With RTS fans eagerly awaiting the release of the first promised expansion pack to Starcraft 2, cinematic teasers and trailers have been all the rage at Blizzard’s marketing team. Numerous demonstration videos and teasers have been flung about the internet ever since the original Starcraft 2 hit the scene back in 2010. With the release date of Heart of the Swarm etching ever closer, Blizzard has released the full opening cinematic of Heart of the Swarm.

The trailer depicts ththe protagonist of this story to be Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades and controlling force over the Zerg. After the events of Wings of Liberty, Kerrigan was left stripped of much of her PSI powers, now living as neither Zerg nor Human, but a mixture of both. While we don’t know what her intentions will be this time around, whether it be hero or villian, but we do know that she’s still more than a little pissed off at Mengsk and we can bet that she, much like Jim Raynor will be looking foward to settling the score with him. That is, if they don’t end up killing each other first.

Check out the trailer for yourselves below!

Michael Marr
Michael Marr
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