GTA: Vice City Motors onto PSN

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GTA: Vice City is finally on the PSN, the seemingly neglected middle child of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy finally joins its siblings on the PlayStation Store.  Part of the PS2 Classics collection, Vice City is indeed a classic, telling the rise of Tommy Vercetti in the city based off of Miami during the craziness of the 80’s.  Including a stellar soundtrack with classics of the time.

Fans of the game are now able to go motoring again or those that missed out on it previously can finally see what they’ve been missing; cars, helicopters, and characters.  The price for flight this time is AUD$14.45 or NZD$18.95 players can download the open world shooter today from HERE, but it should be pointed out that Rockstar will have more announcements for the PS2 Classics Collection soon.  So, even if GTA: Vice City ain’t Mr. Right, there might be another title you’re more interested in coming down the road.

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