Explore the origins of Columbia in Bioshock Infinite’s latest trailer

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We’ve seen the origins of Rapture and how the underwater city came about for past Bioshock titles, but how did a floating city manage to detach itself from the rest of the world? Well this latest video from Irrational and 2K Games will provide a little bit of backstory. The video is titled “Truth from Legend” and Alister Bloom tries to unlock the mysteries behind Columbia in what may become a series of videos up until the game’s release on March 26th.

That video can be seen below, but if you happen to be interested in pre-ordering the title, then you will also want to check out the video just below this paragraph. Anyone who pre-orders the title in Australia will be given the Industrial Revolution Pack which not only unlocks three in-game items that will boost your combat abilities, but also $500 of in-game currency, five extra lockpicks and free access to the Industrial Revolution puzzle game.

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