Corpse Party: Book of Shadows brings fear to the PSP next week

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Ever since XSEED Games announced that they would be bringing the pseudo-sequel to Corpse Party, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, to North America back in October, information about their release has been non-existent. However that all changed today when not only did the company provide a new teaser trailer and a few new screenshots of the game, but also it’s price and release date.

Fans won’t have to wait much longer either, as Corpse Party: Book of Shadows will be released next week on January 15th for only $19.99 on the PSN. It is also worth noting that despite this being a PSP title, the game will also immediately be available for purchase on the PlayStation Vita as well.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows tells a series of short stories that develops many of the characters that were introduced in the first game and also a number of “What if” scenarios. This means that players can change the fates of the first game’s characters, sometimes for the better or for the much worse.

It is also worth noting that Corpse Party: Book of Shadows features point and click adventure-style gameplay from a first-person perspective this time around rather than a top-down adventure. Plus, as the terror rises, the game’s visuals will begin to distort and you may even find some of your decisions altered thanks to the amount of fear running through the students’ minds. Don’t worry too much however, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows features the option to save whenever you want to, which may be essential given how a “Bad End” could be around any corner.

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