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Chrono Tales: 2nd Closed Beta Launch


Entering in their second closed beta today, the upcoming free 3D MMORPG browser title “Chrono Tales” is providing more goodies for its testers. With new content available Chrono Tales is inviting players back for a two week closed beta event. I’d say that is enough time to love something and become depressed as soon as it is taken away. Nonetheless, here is the new content available in the second closed beta:

  1. The official gives away one pet, named Flame Steed to all players.
  2. Level cap has been raised to Lv 60, more World Bosses and Daily Instances are available.
  3. Two attractive systems: Divinization and Treasure Plant are added.
  4. Hotkey CTRL+Z is available to turn on/off auto-combat directly.
  5. Server Time display has been added to the Event Intro interface.
  6. Some items are repriced, such as HP/MP potions, fodder.
  7. Some translation has been tweaked.

Being a closed beta, accounts will be wiped clean after the servers close. However, players who have topped out in the first closed beta will receive 100% return in the second. And beyond that 110% return will be seen for those that will continue to the open beta.

To check out the closed beta events or potentially join the second close beta, jump into the rift (here).

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