Valve Employee Confirms Half-Life 3 In Interview


I arrived at the, uh, office earlier today where one of our other staff members brought my attention to a particular article on another site that was about one Valve employees stance on the whole #1ReasonWhy Twitter tag where developers complain about sexism in the workplace.

What was most encouraging about this piece though, was not that there are female game developers shunning the hashtag, but that Half-Life 3 was accidentally confirmed. To Quote Christine Phalan on Half-Life 3:

Looking to the future, Phelan is certainly full of optimism and high-hopes. Having finally begun working on her beloved Team Fortress 2 (“it only took me since 2007, but I am finally on the project and I am super stoked!”), she’s also got her eye on a certain dream project that many gamers are dying to get an insight into.

“My dream project? Well, I’d love to work on Half-Life 3 some day…”

Right there, BAM! Half-Life 3 confirmed for being in development. This is a glorious day for gamers indeed.

Gaming for as long as my memory serves me, probably longer.


  1. Doesn’t confirm anything….. My dream project would be to film myself having sex with seven Swedish supermodels. Doesn’t mean it’s happening.

  2. Why do people go insane every time the words half, life and three are put in the same sentence. This confirms nothing.

  3. The only thing this confirms is that the person writing this article doesn’t understand English.

  4. It doesn’t confirm anything. It’s just someone saying that working on Half Life 3 some day would be her dream job. There’s nothing in the comment to bind Valve to the position that it’s started work on Half Life 3 or even that they’ve committed to developing Half Life 3.

  5. What a crock of shit.

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