Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC is now available on the Xbox 360

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if you happened to turn on your Xbox 360 today you may have noticed that your Skyrim playing fans are probably overjoyed. The reason for this is thanks to the fact that Bethesda’s “Dragonborn” DLC has been released onto the Xbox 360 for 1600 MSP.

In Dragonborn players will be able to venture off the coast of Morrowind to the island of Solstheim where they will encounter a number of new towns and dungeons as well as new quests and extremely powerful shouts that can even make the fiercest dragons your allies. The reason the player ventures to Solstheim is to face off against the very first Dragonborn who may turn out to be their deadliest adversary ever. Check out our review for Skyrim here if you need to know more about the game.

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