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Minecraft XBLA Update 8 includes the Ender Dragon

Today it was revealed by Play XBLA that Title Update 8 for the XBLA version of Minecraft will add “The End” of Minecraft which involves fighting against the giant Ender Dragon. Now it is worth noting that Title Update 7 still hasn’t been released at this point so there is still a decent wait for the Ender Dragon.

As for Title Update 7, players can expect to see a large number of features from the PC version added into the game such as animal breeding, experience points, enchantment tables, mushroom biomes, a nether fortress and even some potion brewing. It is worth noting that 4J Studios has stated that players will only need to earn 30 experience points to level up and to gain XP you can mine, smelt or breed things.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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