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Last_Defender coming free for Christmas to itunes

Nothing like a free game especially to get into the Christmas Spirit, so head on over to the iTunes App store and download Last_Defender, free courtesy of Waterise and available now for a limited 24 hour period. You are the last defender, solely responsible for defending the city gates, the country and all of its people and their homes from the merciless attacks of the evil Orcs and armies of undead. Us your arsenal of arrows, pistol and rolling stones to name just a few, as well as setting up cunning traps outside the city walls to stall enemies and increase your chances of victory. With a huge skill tree as well as as 3 different difficulty settings set across 50 levels, Last_Defender is perfect for anyone looking for a challenge as well as those looking for a casual experience.

To download Last_Defender for free head on over to itunes and grab a copy before the sale ends

Darren Resnekov
Darren Resnekov
Sydney Australia enjoy gaming on all platforms music and have respect for all cultures and most beliefs