Kratos owes his identity to Diablo 2’s Barbarian

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We’ve all known Kratos for years now as God of War‘s ashen-skinned, chain-blade wielding man of vengeance with iconic red war paint.  As it turns out, though, Kratos didn’t always have red war paint.

According to a blog post by David Jaffe, the Crimson Killer did not have his iconic color until just days before the game was first announced.  Instead of red, Kratos was adorned with royal blue until a member of the God of War team brought up Diablo 2‘s Barbarian character.  Having played the first Diablo title but not its sequel, Jaffe was unaware of the similarities.

After being made aware of the obvious color match, the color was quickly changed and the rest is, as you they say, slaughtered mythology.

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  1. What a shitty, half assed article with an EXCEPTIONALLY shitty and inaccurate headline.

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