Eclectic Delights Bundle in a Box Adds 2 Games

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Bundle in a Box: Eclectic Delights added two new games to their assorted bundle of indie games. A pre-order for Shadows on the Vatican: Act II Greed, the second part of a point and click thriller has been added. Act I was one of the games originally announced in the Eclectic Bundle. Bundle buyers will get access to the game as soon as the game is released. Additionally buyers will receive Skylight a 3d platform jumping game that features randomly generated levels by Monument Studios.

Bundle in a Box: Eclectic Delights now features a total of nine great games for buyers and five soundtracks for all buyers. The bundle has now expanded to a total of eleven games, five for all buyers and an additional six for those who beat the average, plus the five soundtracks. Pick up your bundle here.

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