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Time certainly flies when you having fun! Can you believe it another year has gone by and today us here at Capsule Computers we were back to cover at the annual ComicDive event, called yep that’s right “ComicDive 7” in Beijing China! For anyone not familiar on how Comic shows work here in China check out our coverage of last years ComicDive 6 here (event recap) and here (event info).

This year ComicDive 7 was hosted at the China World Exhibition Hall, in Beijing. The home of  M.Y. Comic 3 event that took place in February earlier this year.  As always with every major Comic / Dojinshi  convention hosted in Beijing everything went down without a hitch, the organises for the event certainly put on a good show and with the thousands of people attending this one day event, everything fell into place and everyone had a great time.

As always along with picking up the latest and greatest comics and Dojinshi’s from your favorite anime and tv shows, you can also snap up a variety of other fan related toys, clothes and goodies as well. (make sure you check out the image gallery below or on Facebook for more detail/pics) This year the event organizers opened the doors 30 mins earlier (due to the extreme cold weather) which actually caught a few of the stall owners off guard as they were still preparing and organizing their comics / goods for sale.  The mad rush was something we’ve come to expect from a comic book event in Beijing and within minutes the entire Exhibition Hall was jam packed with fans, and we were reminded what it felt like being in a sardine can all over again.

As previously mentioned in last years event coverage for ComicDive 6 if you wanted your favourite book or comic, the plan is and always will be to make sure you know were it is (stall location) by doing your research and then high tailing it over to the stall to buy it. Wasting time by looking at all the stalls one by one to see what they have will certainly on many occasions leave you very disappointed when you finally made it to the stall where your favourite book is, as it would certainly of been sold out by then. This year there were a number of stalls that had queues over 100 meters long!

With every comic book event the Cos-Players come out in FULL FORCE! And this year they certainly did not disappoint.   As you can see with the pictures taken below (over 330 gallery images) a lot of effort and time has gone into some of these outfits which I must say were very interesting and amazingly well designed. Cos-Play here at ComicDive 7 once again was probably one of the best I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

The next major Comic Book convention will be Beijing Slash Only (will focus on comics / Dojinshi inspired from US and UK movie, tv shows and games)  and will be held in Beijing on the 1st of January 2013 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!) For more details check out the link to the official website / weibo account here.

Check out all the great pics from the even below, let us know what you liked the most or which Cos-Play character you thought was the best dresses. Mine without a doubt was Saber from Fate/Zero.

Pictures also available on our official Facebook page – click here to view them

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  1. Look’s like it was an excellent event! Love the cosplays. Where was the Masterabbott cosplay? There was a cute girl Luffy!

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