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Black Knight Sword hits the XBLA and PSN

Black Knight Sword already has a lot going for it, as it has the name Suda 51 attached. This twisted fairy tale is much more than that though, as it features that classic 16-bit sidescrolling gameplay that retro fanatics should love.

Here are some more details if you are unfamiliar:

Perfecting the blend of traditional side-scrolling action with a one-of-a-kind bizarre world, Black Knight Sword presents an unprecedented visual style. In this modern and interactive take on a classic fairy tale, Black Knight Sword is a throwback to the 16-bit era with simple, yet addictive gameplay within a stylized hand-drawn puppet theater world. As an intriguing “Interactive Kamishibia” (paper drama), Black Knight Sword unfolds similar to a virtual pop-up book filled with memorable creatures to encounter and addictive challenges to overcome.

Black Knight Sword is Suda 51’s twisted interpretation of the princess fairy tale where, rather than saving the charming princess, The Black Knight must free the world from a dark princess’ reign of terror. Players will solve puzzles and unleash the fury of The Black Knight’s sword, the Black Hellebore. Enchanted with powerful fairy spirits to assist in battle, the Black Hellebore will cause more than a scratch to the treacherous enemies set before The Black Knight.

SOLD! Yes, this may sound a bit niche for some, but Black Knight Sword looks damn impressive, and thankfully, is available today on the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network for just 800 points ($9.99 PSN).