Xbox Live News with Pipper – November 15, 2012

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Welcome one and all to Xbox Live News with Pipper. Sadly, it seems this month we tread further into the abyss of less than fantastic deals. Those that are dedicated to Black Ops 2 can find the season pass available. Although a special week of savings is approaching with Xbox Live 10 year anniversary, we might find little to reconcile. Let’s see what we have to work with.

Deals of the Week

NameDiscount DatesPrice
CarcassonneNov 13 to Nov 19400 (50% off)
Catan400 (50% off)
Magic The Gathering400 (50% off)
Magic 2012400 (50% off)
Super Puzzle Fighter HD400 (50% off)
Puzzle Quest 1400 (50% off)
Puzzle Quest 2400 (50% off)
I Am AliveNov 20 to Nov 26800 (33% off)

New Releases

Black Ops 2 has already jumped on the bandwagon of season passes this month for 4000 MSP! Check out our Sleeping Dogs review (here) to see why it may have been selected for Games on Demand.

NameRelease DateMicrosoft Points
Planets Under Attack14-Nov1200
Kinect Sports Gems: Ski Race20-Nov240
Kinect Sports Gems: Darts vs. Zombies20-Nov240
Kinect Sports Gems: 3 Point Contest20-Nov240
(Games Add-Ons)
Black Ops 2: Season Pass13-Nov4000
Wreckateer: Aldamont Level Pack14-Nov160
Fruit Ninja Kinect: Flower Power14-Nov160
(Games on Demand)
Darksiders 213-Nov
Ben 10 Galactic Racing13-Nov
Twister Mania13-Nov
X-Men: Destiny13-Nov
Victorious Time To Shine20-Nov
Sleeping Dogs20-Nov

Even more specials will plague Xbox Live, but will they satisfy their innate hunger? Kinect Central is not done dishing out deals for the month. From November 13th to November 19th, Sonic Free Riders will discounted but price will vary by region. Perhaps putting is more suitable for your tastes, yes? Tiger 13 – 11 Course Pack is discounted to 1600 MSP from November 20th to the 26th. Additionally, Xbox Live is having its 10th year anniversary on the 15th. All of the special deals will be located on the Xbox Live dashboard starting November 15th through November 22nd, but don’t be overly excited. Titles that you probably have purchased already might just be in these dealings (Castle Crashers, Fruit Ninja Kinect, Bastion, and Geometry Wars Evolved). They may be at 50% pricing, but that doesn’t exactly help if they are already on your hard drive.

I would like to personally thank everyone for tuning in again for another chapter of Xbox Live News with Pipper. Don’t burn your cash or slam your Xbox controller in the door because that is gaming abuse. So let’s be nice to our gaming companion, and always remember to “Play Hard or Don’t Play At All!”

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