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Walking Dead Episode 4 Decisions Revealed

Telltale Games have nearly brought the first series of their Walking Dead games to an end, but before the fifth and final episode of Lee’s adventure is released, we have to find out just how awful (or not) the gaming population is. With every episode there are many choices to be made, and with every episode Telltale releases a rundown video that reveals the final statistics for each of those choices. Want to know if you were part of a merciful majority or just a member of that nutty/psycho 1%? Check out the video below to find out. It goes without saying that those who have not completed Episode 4 – Around Every Corner – should NOT watch the video below unless they have no aversion to spoilers of an enormous nature.

Episode 5 of the excellent series shouldn’t be far off now that this video has dropped, so keep an eye out for the conclusion of Lee’s tale…


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