Rozen Maiden Season 3 Announced

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There is more Rozen Maiden on the way! Originally a simple manga series this idea has since expanded and now has already covered two anime series to date. Rozen Maiden currently attracts a cult following of loyal readers and watchers, all now eager to check out what the series will have to offer in its third season.

The overall story focuses on Jun Sakurada, who encounters and befriends a living doll named Shinku, with much of the story exploring how other Rozen Maidens (the living dolls) operate and exist in the larger world around them. While no specific date has been released for when this new season will air, fans should expect some form of communication on the matter soon. Produced by studio Nomad, there are currently twelves episodes already released and with this new reveal by Young Jump magazine, it seems more are definitely on the way.

For more info on the announcement check out this website (English only speakers/readers may need a translation).

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