Limited Edition White 3DS XL console coming this Christmas

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With Christmas not too far away now, it’s probably a good time to start planning on what to buy your loved ones. If you have no idea what to buy them have no fear, Nintendo have come to rescue! Today they have announced that they will be releasing a limited edition White Nintendo 3DS XL.  Now what’s so limited about this White 3DS XL you ask?  Well this 3DS XL will come pre-installed with either Super Mario 3D Land or Mario Kart 7.

So if you’re a Mario fan or someone in the family is this will be the perfect gift for them this Christmas. From we’ve heard, both consoles will only be available in limited quantities, so if you’re a Mario fan, make sure you don’t miss out! The White 3DS XL consoles will be available in stores on the 6th of December.

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